13×4 Brazilian Lace Frontal in 1B


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The most convenient way to produce a natural part and scalp appearance. As an ideal piece for wig creation, our 13×4 lace frontals go from one ear to the other providing coverage across the entire hairline. They are made with natural scalp colored, high quality lace material to combat accidental rips and tears during install. All frontals come pre-plucked to give you a head start on creating those dramatic baby hairs that we all love so much. 
Frontal Part :

Frontal Length :

Texture :
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Est. Delivery 2020/01/27

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The Need To Know
  • Frontal Size: 13x4
  • Grade: 10A
  • 100% Real Virgin Human Hair *our hair is not mixed
  • Smooth and soft, natural texture
  • Full-cuticle, healthy ends
  • No smell, minimum shed, no tangle
  • Remains healthy after heat, dye, perm, and wash over 1 year with proper care

Can I Test the Quality?

Absolutely! We stand behind the quality of our hair. Cashual | Experience Virgin Hair Extensions specs:
  • 10A Grade
  • Cloud Soft
  • Minimal, If Any Shedding
  • No Smell
  • Full to Ends Length
If that doesn’t convince you, we carry sample bundles with every order we deliver so you may be reassured that Cashual | Experience Hair is some of the softest, highest quality hair that you will find. After you get acquainted with the hair and it turns out you are not satisfied at the time of delivery, we offer a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE in the form of original payment. We only subtract a $5 delivery attempt fee from the refund in these cases. *Once you have signed for your order, all sales are finalized and returns will not be accepted. You must be present at time of delivery for MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE eligibility.

What Is A Cashual | Experience Virgin Hair Extensions FREE Frontal Starter Package?

Glad you asked! So you’ve gotten the hair…you’ve gotten it sewn up all nice…but now you need to install it! Queens deserved to be spoiled, so we’re doubling down on saving you a trip to the store by providing our Cashual | Experience Virgin Hair Extensions Frontal Starter Package. It includes all the essentials:
  1. Nylon Wig Cap(2)
  2. Wig Tape(4 Thick/Long Strips)
  3. Rat Tail Comb
  4. Official Use Double-Sided Edge Brush
  5. Tweezers
  6. Alcohol Pad
  7. Scissors
  8. Alligator Hair Clips (4, 65mm)
Did we mention we add in our Frontal Starter Package for you FREE with every Cashual | Experience Same Day Delivery Virgin Hair Extensions purchase? No minimum purchase amount required.

What Should I Know?

To take advantage of Same Day Delivery, complete your order before 6pm CST. If your order comes in with a time-stamp after 6pm CST, don’t worry; it will be delivered the very next day.
Your delivery address must be within 30mi of our Olive Branch, MS HQ. This will be determined once you have entered your shipping address.
If we are unable to deliver your order due to your:
  • Inability to receive
  • Declining us to leave the order in a designated area
We will return the order to our HQ and process a full refund minus the full Same Day Delivery shipping amount.
In the event that you are present at the time of delivery and can review our product quality, but you are not satisfied with your Cashual | Experience Same Day Delivery Virgin Hair Extensions purchase, we will process a full refund minus the small $5 delivery attempt fee.

What Is 100% Virgin Hair?

100% Virgin Extensions are completely unprocessed. 100% human hair is all natural hair with all cuticles intact and running in the same direction to prevent tangling. Virgin Extensions will have the most natural look, movement and body when compared to processed or synthetic hair. Virgin Extensions last the longest and give the best results, yet the least amount of trouble. Virgin Extensions also means that they have not been chemically processed or colored in any way. Virgin Extensions undergo steaming to achieve those hot market styles, like Water Wave and Body Wave.
Some Virgin Extensions can be chemically processed, or, more specifically in our case, professionally dyed, to achieve colors such as 613 Blonde. Essentially, such extensions are still Virgin, but with a little flavor added. Unlike the retailers whose extensions reek of corn chips, we will never offer products with any of those industrialized, harsh chemicals used in an attempt to enhance the appearance or prolong the life of our extensions. Ca$hual | Experience Virgin Extensions are some of the best looking, longest lasting, and most exclusive extensions on the market.

How Long Can My Extensions Last?

Please keep in mind that no two people care for their extensions the same way. There are many logical factors to consider including, but not limited to: products used, climate, moisture, wash frequency, heat application, and of course how you individually care for your extensions. However, considering the best proper care is being done, our extensions can last a minimum of 1 year.

How Many Bundles Are Recommended?

The recommended number of bundles for the average person is 2-3 bundles. We recommend buying 2 bundles of extensions when purchasing lengths from 12” to 18”. We recommend 3 bundles for lengths 20″ or longer. Each bundle weighs 3. 5 ounces. Keep in mind that since the extensions are sold by total weight, the general rule is: “The longer the extensions, the shorter the weft.” Ca$hual | Experience Virgin Extensions are full in density from the weft to the ends, providing a fuller look when compared to other extensions.

  • If you are purchasing lengths between 12″ & 18″ you will need 2 bundles.
  • If you are purchasing lengths 20″ and up you will need 3 bundles. 
Always use your longest length to determine the correct quantity of extensions to purchase.These requirements apply to traditional sew-ins, closure and frontal sew-ins and/or units. Very Important: We Do Not Recommend you skip purchasing a bundle because you choose to purchase a closure or frontal.

How Many Ounces Per Bundle of Extensions?

Will I Experience Shedding With My Extensions?

As with any extensions, Ca$hual | Experience Virgin Extensions will have shedding, the only exception is our extensions exhibit very minimal shedding..very…very….minimal. You can minimize shedding, by maintaining your extensions with utmost care and sealing the weft. Our double machine weft method provides minimal shedding, allowing the extensions to last longer. Heat damage, over processing or lack of moisture and conditioner will cause shedding, so recommend you apply heat protectant before thermal use.

What’s So Good About Your Closures and Frontals?

Ca$hual | Experience closures and frontals are some of the highest quality available on the market. Unlike most, our closures and frontals are handcrafted with a very thin lace. The grids on each lace are positioned closely, which will result in a natural part once customized. Take a look by using the zoom feature on the product photo. Our closures and frontals also come pre-plucked.

Can I Color My Ca$hual | Experience Virgin Extensions?

Yep. If you are using Virgin Extensions for the first time and are considering coloring it, we highly recommend it being done by a licensed professional colorist.

Can I Use Hot Tools On My Ca$hual | Experience Virgin Extensions?

Yes. You may straighten, blow-dry, curl, and style your Ca$hual | Experience Virgin Extensions, just as you would your own hair. Our extensions offer great styling flexibility. Flat iron bone straight for a sleek and stylish look, or curl with a curling wand or curlers for more style and fullness. When possible, if you have to use heat, always use a heat protector to help extend the longevity of your extensions! 
Hard To Trust Us? Trust Our Customers.

Additional information

Frontal Part

Middle Part, Free Part, 3-Part

Frontal Length

10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 22"


Bone Straight, Body Wave, Deep Wave


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