13*4 Brazilian Lace Frontal in 1B

Brazilian Extensions in 1B

$47-$54 Buy Now

13*4 Brazilian Lace Frontal in 613B

$38-$82 Buy Now

Brazilian Extensions in 613B

$52-$109 Buy Now

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How Do I Order


Head to any Cashual | Experience Same Day Delivery Virgin Hair Extensions product.


Add your desired Cashual | Experience Same Day Delivery Virgin Hair Extensions combination to your cart.


Choose Same Day Delivery as your shipping method and complete your purchase, all before 6pm CT. That’s it! You will receive your hair within hours!

If shipping to the Memphis, TN, Olive Branch, MS, or surrounding metro area, you can order your Cashual | Experience Same Day Delivery Virgin Hair Extensions in 3 easy steps as mentioned in above

We Will Do The Rest


you never have to leave home..OR wait in lines..OR talk to anyone..OR waste time, gas, and energy because your product is out of stock..OR because you ran late and the store closed. You most definitely don’t have to experience rude customer service…..but you do, in turn, get an unmatched value with the best quality virgin hair extensions, that you can’t find anywhere else.

*Fun Fact: Just the virgin hair extensions alone are on average 30% lower than our competitors, before we even give discounts. Check it!


If you enter your cell number (the good one, not the one you give the birds in the mall) at checkout, you can even receive LIVE tracking updates on your order via text message! We let you know when your order has left the building and is in the truck, the ETA, and you’ll receive a link to track your driver’s location in real time! You’ll also receive a delivery confirmation email with a copy of your signature for your records.

Now, who makes it easier for you to purchase virgin hair extensions?

So You May Wonder . .

Can I Test the Quality ?

Absolutely! We stand behind the quality of our hair. Cashual | Experience Virgin Hair Extensions specs:


  • 10A Grade
  • Cloud Soft
  • Minimal, If Any Shedding
  • No Smell
  • No Tangling When Handled Properly
  • Full to Ends Length
  • Pure Virgin Extensions. No Mixed, or Fiber Added Bundles


If that doesn’t convince you, we carry sample bundles with every order we deliver so you may be reassured that Cashual | Experience Hair is some of the softest, highest quality hair that you will find.

After you get acquainted with the hair and it turns out you are not satisfied at the time of delivery, we offer a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE in the form of original payment. We only subtract a $5 delivery attempt fee from the refund in these cases.

*Once you have signed for your order, all sales are finalized and returns will not be accepted. You must be present at time of delivery for MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE eligibility.

What Is A FREE Frontal Starter Package ?

Glad you asked! So you’ve gotten the hair…you’ve gotten it sewn up all nice…but now you need to install it! Queens deserve to be spoiled, so we’re doubling down on saving you a trip to the store by providing our Cashual | Experience Virgin Hair Extensions Frontal Starter Package. It includes all the essentials:


  1. Nylon Wig Cap (2)
  2. Wig Tape (4 Thick/Long Strips)
  3. Rat Tail Comb
  4. Official Use Double-Sided Edge Brush
  5. Tweezers
  6. Alcohol Pad
  7. Scissors
  8. Alligator Hair Clips (4, 65mm)


Did we mention we add in our Frontal Starter Package for you FREE with every Cashual | Experience Same Day Delivery Virgin Hair Extensions purchase? No minimum purchase amount required. 

What Should I Remember ?

To take advantage of Same Day Delivery, complete your order before 6pm CT. If your order comes in with a time-stamp after 6pm CT, don’t worry; it will be delivered the very next day. 


Your delivery address must be within the Memphis, TN or surrounding metro areas (Olive Branch, Hernando, Cordova, Collierville, Southaven, etc.)


If we are unable to deliver your order due to your: 


  • Inability to receive
  • Declining us to leave the order in a designated area (ex. mailbox, doorstep, etc.)


We will return the order to our HQ and process a full refund minus the full Same Day Delivery shipping amount. 


*In the event that you are present at the time of delivery and can review our product quality: if you are not satisfied with your Cashual | Experience Same Day Delivery Virgin Hair Extensions purchase, we will process a full refund minus the small $5 delivery attempt fee.

Hmm I'm Ready To Buy, But Your Prices Are Kinda High . .

What!? Our prices are on average 30% less than our competitors before discount! No seriously, we understand how you might not want to break the bank right now, and we aren’t asking you to. We want to help you both look AND feel good.


Taste that? That’s sugar…Sweet and Low to be exact! If it makes you feel any better, we have a sweet solution that offers you a low split payment plan option. Your order amount will be divided into equal bits and pieces across the length of the payment term. That’s right, and It’s easy to take advantage! Here’s more info:


  • Just use the QuadPay payment method at checkout and follow the prompts
  • NO credit check or interest charges apply to ANY order, with items from ANY category. Yes, that means you can get that outfit too! We only ask one favor: 4 equal bi-weekly payments. Your first 25% payment will be authorized upon checkout. Your remaining 3 payments will be deducted every 2 weeks, totaling 6 weeks, or 1.5 months.
  • The fraud rate in the hair extensions industry is extremely high when it comes to financing. In order to be able to provide you with the best solutions, Ca$hual | Experience charges a 15% convenience fee to use QuadPay on our site.


We are dedicated to providing value to you in every way we are able. Only you can make the decision.


*Thinking about going big? Contact our email for virgin hair extensions wholesale opportunities

Questions Or Requests ?

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